Chapters Snow

Chapters Snow

A photo of Chapters Book Store that I captured while walking around in the snow storm in the early morning hours of January 22, 2016. I had woken up early to try and get some photos of town in the snow before too much traffic came through. It was cold and peaceful and a wonderful time.

Jan 17, 2013 Snow at Night

Some night shots from January 17, 2013 of the snow that night. The amount was significant and the view is of downtown Galax from my bedroom window. These were taken with my iPhone 4s and I had to open the window and hang out to get them.

My First Popular Photo

Grayson & Main

This photo was taken on January 17, 2013 with my iPhone 4S. Michele and I have a tradition of eating at the Galax Smokehouse whenever it snows. It allows us to get out in the snow and enjoy the weather instead of having to worry about cooking.

After we had eaten, it was dusk and just barely enough light for a photo. I stepped out the door of the old Bolen's Drug Store and looked south down Main Street. I thought to myself "Oh, that's pretty" and took out my iPhone. Without even thinking about it, I snapped the photo and eventually uploaded it to Facebook.

The reaction I received was HUGE! I had folks commenting on past memories of Galax and their love for their hometown. The City of Galax used it for their cover photo and it received over 800 shares. It is also what turned my mind spinning about documenting out little town. Living downtown, there are so many things I see daily that are nostalgic that I began to take more photos of downtown to share with locals as well as folks from Galax who no longer live here.

See more pictures from that night here.